Win epic prizes

When you pay your rent with LeaseSimple, you have a shot at winning epic prizes up to a rent-free month. 

Got questions?

There are several ways to participate and cumulate chances to win.

  1. Sign up = 1 chance
  2. Set up auto deposit = 1 chance
  3. Pay rent = 5 chances
  4. Deposit money in savings = 10 chances per $25 in savings

Sweepstakes are open to legal residents of the USA who are 18 years or older. Please check the sweepstake rules or terms and conditions for the specific eligibility requirements.

The winner will be selected through an electronic random draw . The exact selection process is outlined in the sweepstake rules. Winners are notified email only immediately after the drawing took place.

The sweepstake prizes change every month and are listed in the page Prizes may include cash, gift cards or other valuable items.

It depends on prizes. Cash prizes such as LeaseSimple Cash or Free Rent are paid directly to your LeaseSimple account. Other digital prizes such as Amazon or Netflix cards are delivered to your email address, whereas physical prizes that needs to me delivered to your home will require further communication.

We have partnered with Equifax to gather renters credit data.

We finance prizes through interest on deposits made by our users in their LeaseSimple account to either pay their rent and/or save. Moreover, we collaborate with brand partners who actively contribute to the financing of prizes through sponsorship or financial support.