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Switch your properties to self-leasing, fill vacancies faster, eliminate any risk of default, and deliver the best experience for your renters.

How it works

Step 1Define your lease terms and conditions

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Answer a series of simple questions to set the terms of your new lease like rent amount, term, smoking policy, security deposit and more

Step 2Review the lease agreement


Review the electronic lease document that will be signed with your future renters immediately upon approval

Step 3Get your QR code for viewings


Show your QR code to prospective renters during showings, so they can instantly start their application with their phone

Step 4Approve renters instantly


Our screening bot Olivia makes a real-time decision to approve renters if they meet rigorous criteria including income, credit, ID verification, criminal history

Step 5Get paid, without worries


Payments such as security deposit and rent are automatically debited from the renter's bank account and sent to yours. In addition, you are covered by our LeaseProtect guarantee

How does it works

Don’t let turnover expenses get you down

LeaseSimple can be set up quickly, painlessly, and securely for all your properties and is simple to use for both you and your staff.


lease conversion


your risk


pesky turnover costs

Designed for all types of rental properties

Join the thousands of properties that are leading the charge towards a simple, fast, and fair way to rent.



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Whew- this simple thing feels good, doesn’t it?