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Welcome to the future of renting. Where renting builds your credit, grows your savings, and sets you up for your next step in life. One app, complete control of your journey-anywhere it may be.

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Build your rental and credit history

We’ve made it simple to pay your rent and let the credit bureaus know, so you can potentially bump up your credit score by as much as 100 points. And it works for your roommates too.

Make renting less expensive

Your LeaseSimple debit card earns you up to 3% cashback on your everyday purchases, and your cashback is applied directly to your next rent payment. With each expense, you see your rent decrease.

Prepare for homeownership

A personalized action plan aimed at getting you mortgage-ready, by improving your credit, save for a down payment and learn about homeownership with ressources.

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Franco B.
New york
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"Love how this app handles rent automatically! Credit boost is a huge bonus."
Abygail L.
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"Sharing rent with roommates is finally made simple."
Gabriela S.
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"Paid rent effortlessly, credit jumped. Roommate splitting? Brilliant!"
Kierra R.
Jersey City
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"Paying rent no longer feels like flushing money away."
Traci F.
New York
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"App rocks! Auto rent pay, credit up. Saving for move? Superb!"
Dana A.
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"I didn't know it's actually possible to improve my credit with rent payments. It's a no brainer to do this."

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Connect your regular bank account to LeaseSimple and set up automatic rent deposits on the 1st of every month, every two weeks, or weekly. Your rent is then sent to your landlord through your preferred method: paper check via mail, ACH transfer, or direct debit.

Not at all. To get started with LeaseSimple, you don’t need to involve your landlord and we will never contact them directly.

You have full control over when your rent is sent to your landlord from your account.

You can freely use any bank account, or alternatively, you have the option to use a debit or credit card with applicable fees.

You are free to send your rent to the landlord whenever you want and when your balance is sufficient. But we strongly recommend that you send your rent to the landlord by the due date indicated in your lease.

The landlord receives the rent within a period that can range from immediately and up to 7 days depending on the payout method chosen (ACH, Direct Debit or Paper Check). All payments are made under your name and you have the option to notify the landlord by email immediately after a payment is sent.

Having your rent payments reported to credit bureaus can help you build a positive credit history and generally improve your credit score by up to 100 points. It allows your responsible payment behavior to be included in your credit profile, which can be beneficial when applying for loans, credit cards, or future rental agreements.

If you choose this option, your rent payments will be automatically reported every month to the major credit bureaus, Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian. You can track your reported rents and monitor the progress of your credit score within your LeaseSimple account.

Nope. LeaseSimple can never negatively impact your credit score since we only report positive events and don’t report late or missed payments. 

Yes, reporting rent payments to credit bureaus can be particularly beneficial for first-time renters who are building their credit history. It allows them to establish a positive credit profile based on their responsible rent payment behavior.

Take advantage of our special offer: Join now and receive one year of LeaseSimple absolutely free. After the initial free period, LeaseSimple is available for just $5 per month.

Yes, we use bank-level security standards to make sure you can make payments securely.