Simplify your

renter life

We know renting is complicated.
Wherever you want to live, we’re here to help you get approved by landlords, build your credit, and pay your rent on time.


Show that you are trustworthy

Securely share your finance info with landlords

A big part of getting approved by landlords is proving your financial ability to pay the rent. We’ll help you gather your financial information and add it securely to your rental application.

Verify your income instantly with your bank account

Know your rental budget before you start applying

Check how good (or bad) is your credit score

No credit history? Add mom and dad as guarantors

Found a great spot? Share your info instantly

Get one-on-one help anytime by email and text


Live the present,
build your future

Build your credit score doing nothing

Report rent payments automatically to Equifax and get that credit score boost that will help in the future.

Do your things and let your rental history grow

Get one chance per month to have your rent paid by us

A simpler future for all renters

LeaseSimple magically helps a new generation of renters land their dream home, making the rental process faster and fairer, whether you’re an employee, freelancer, Uber driver, or anything in between.


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